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22 December 2012. ZET 9, release 192.

  • Fixed bug of star aspecting in sidereal zodiac.
  • Fixed bug of "Dispositor of Planet" part (lot) in sidereal zodiac and with harmonics.
  • Fixed bug of "Aspect's orb diagram" function with harmonics.


12 December 2012. ZET 9, release 191.

  • Fixed minor bug.


2 December 2012. ZET 9, release 190.

  • Fixed bug, sometimes arising with "Anticia" option (Chart Settings, Data, Table, Additional Data).


22 November 2012. ZET 9, release 189.

  • Fixed bug of displaying of "Search of database" window.
  • Some other minor elaborations.


9 November 2012. ZET 9, release 188.

  • Some minor elaborations.


4 November 2012. ZET 9, release 187.

  • Fidex bug leads to check off "Septener only" option when open "Chart Settings" window.
  • Fixed bug of "Search areas for events realization" function.


1 November 2012. ZET 9, release 186.

  • Added possibility to sort of database by "Comment" column.
  • Other minor elaborations.
  • Updated TZ tables.


30 September 2012

  • Uploaded the aspect tables package (by Dion van Zyl). See Download - Additional files - aspack2.zip.


26 October 2012. ZET 9, release 185.

  • Minor elaborations.
  • Updated TZ tables.


21 October 2012. ZET 9, release 184.

  • Correct diagnostic message in case of current house system does not works on a latitude specified by chart.
  • Fixed bug of change of database comment window height.
  • Fixed bug of moon day percentage (16 March 2010, "12 degrees" system).
  • Fixed bug of search in database function in case of absence of "Found" file.
  • Fixed bug of closing of TZ table window.
  • Updated TZ tables.


14 October 2012. ZET 9, release 183.

  • Elaboreated hints of Moon Mansions glyphs.
  • Added vertical scroll bars for planets selectors windows.
  • Maximal components count of Thematic Almuten formulae expanded to 50.
  • Fixed bug of data base search resilt file name.
  • Updated time zone tables.


1 October 2012. ZET 9, release 182.

  • The arabic part's formulae "Dispositor of planet" allows now any other part, e.g. "D.for" defines a planet - dispositor of Parts of Fortune (POF should be activated in a catalog).
  • Fixed bug of "Thematic Almutens" function.
  • Fixed bug of settings of "Prenatal Syzygy" function.
  • Other minor elaboratons.


27 September 2012. ZET 9, release 181.

  • Elaborated "Thematic Almutens" function: added "Formula" and "Degree Wins" columns to the table of almuten's elements.
  • Added a type of arabic parts "Third of House" (e.g., "T2.H5" - the begin of second third of fifth house, "T3.H10" - the begin of last third of tenth house).
  • The formulae of "Dispositor of Planet" part now allows to use the syzygy, i.e. "D.S" specifies a planet - ruler of sign, in which a prenatal syzygy is licated.
  • Fixed bug of calculation of some arabic parts in sidereal zodiak.


25 September 2012. ZET 9

  • [Removed to main update file] Time zone tables update (upd120925).


24 September 2012. ZET 9

  • [Expired] Time zone tables update (upd120924).


23 September 2012. ZET 9, release 180.

  • Added Part's formulae "Dispositor of Planet" (ruler of sign, in which the planet is located), e.g., "D.SO" means "dispositor of Sun".
  • Fixed bug of appearing an error message when open an "Orb" tab (Chart Settings, Aspects) in case "The aspect depends of planet".
  • Fixed bug of Firdaria.
  • Fied bug (changed calculation method) of Parts in sidereal zodiac.


17 September 2012. ZET 9, release 179.

  • Fixed bugs.


16 September 2012. ZET 9, release 178.

  • Added vargas calculation (Jyotish), see Chart Settings, Zodiac, Harmonic Chart, "Varga" option, selection of vargas button.
    See screenshot.
  • Fixed bugs of some latest realease: desabled "From Houses" option (Chart settings, Aspectation, Aspects), desabled "Printout" function (chart's popup menu) for ZET Lite.


10 September 2012. ZET 9, release 177.

  • For "Firdar (Persian)" function added "by R.Zoller" variant. First one: "by R.Hand (Nodes always in the end)". See "Tables" menu.
  • Added option to switch off a clock bottom right on status panel. See it's popup menu.
  • Fixed minor bug.


1 September 2012. ZET 9, release 176.

  • Some minor elaborations.


21 August 2012. ZET 9, release 174.

  • Elaborated "Vimshittari Dasha" function: added "Definition of year" option, see window's popup menu.
  • Some minor elaborations.


17 August 2012. ZET 9, release 173.

  • Realized "Vimshittari Dasha" function (hindu astrology planet's periods). See "Tables" menu. Acceptable in Sidereal Zodiac and "27 Sidereal" Moon mansion system.
  • Some minor elaborations.


4 August 2012. ZET 9, release 172.

  • Update of atlas and time zone tables.


21 July 2012. ZET 9, release 171.

  • Fixed minor bug.


18 July 2012. ZET 9, release 170.

  • Fixed bug of "Geograpnical map settings" window opening.
  • Minor elaborations.


8 July 2012. ZET 9, release 169.

  • Minor elaborations.


30 June 2012. ZET 9

  • Update of atlas of cities (upd120630).


28 June 2012. ZET 9, release 168.

  • Minor elaborations.
  • Update of time zones tables and atlas of cities (upd120628).


24 June 2012. ZET 9, release 167.

  • [Geo] AstroCartoGraphy: fixed bug of paranas for "Aspects to Asc-Dsc" option.


10 June 2012. ZET 9, release 166.

  • Added "Aspects to stars" function (Tables, Aspects list).
  • Elaborated "Sky" tableau to view some Heavenly phenomena e.g. planet eclipces. Should be installed update of planet textures (upd120609).
  • User guide update (upd120610-e).


4 June 2012. ZET 9, release 165.

  • Fixed bugs.


3 June 2012. ZET 9, release 164.

  • Elaborated "Primary Directions" function: "Secondary motion" option doesn't treat lots now.
  • Some other minor elaborations.
  • Time zone table update upd120602.


13 May 2012. ZET 9, release 163.

  • Elaborated "Solar Firdaria" function.
  • "Sky" tableau: Added "[Set] Original Size" option to popup-menu.
  • Some minor elaborations.


7 May 2012. ZET 9, release 162.

  • Fixed bug of "Solar Firdaria" function.
  • Some minor elaborations.


1 May 2012. ZET 9, release 161.

  • Addde function of recognizing constellations in which the planets are located. See "Tables", "Constellations".
  • Other minor elaborations.
  • Uploaded a font file "Font_16_B.zfn" font (upd120501), larger, than standard "Font.zfn". Select it by "Chart Settings", "Font", "ZET Font", "...". It is thus recommended to choose the corresponding size of fonts of planet's list and texts. See a screenshot of ZET on Windows 7 in a "Large text" mode ("Control panel", "Registration and personalisation", "Screen").


29 April 2012

  • Uploaded a set of interpretations for ZET that give information on gardening and farming as based on the lunar cycle, the zodiac sign the Moon is in and how high the Moon is in the sky (by Paul Hysen). See "Download", "Additional files".
  • Uploaded the Deutsch language module for ZET 9 (by Josef Aschauer). See "Download", "Additional files".


23 April 2012

  • Time zone table update (upd120423). For ZET 8 and 9. Restart ZET after updating.


22 April 2012

  • Time zone table update (upd120422 - expired). For ZET 8 and 9. Restart ZET after updating.


15 April 2012. ZET 9, release 160.

  • Elaborated "Solar Firdaria" function.
  • Elaborated "Ingresses of Planets" function.
  • Elaborated "TERM" function of astroformula lannguage.
  • Fixed bug of displaying of popup-menu of additional houses lines.
  • Fixed bug of planet's hints of chart tableau coordinate table.
  • Time zone table update (upd120415 - expired).


5 April 2012. ZET 9, release 159.

  • Elaborated "Find name" function (History and Database).
  • Time zone table update (upd120405 - expired).


29 March 2012. ZET 9, release 158.

  • Fixed "Firdaria" function.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


18 March 2012. ZET 9, release 157.

  • Fixed bug of "Position/Speed Diagram" function.


15 March 2012


28 February 2012. ZET 9, release 156.

  • Fixed bug of displaying of planets orbital elements on a chart wheel.
  • Fixed bug of displaying of lunations on a chart wheel when reset a Zodiac type (tropical/sidereal).
  • Fixed bug of Pluto glyph absence in aspect tables.
  • Some other elaborations.


13 February 2012.

  • Added French language module for ZET 9, see Download, Additional files.


8 February 2012. ZET 9, release 155.

  • Fixed bug of calculation of some points (Arabic Parts, e.g. Lun+270) in sidereal zodiak.


7 February 2012. ZET 9, release 154

  • Added "Allow House-House Aspects" option for chart wheel (Chart Settings, Aspectation, Aspects, left of "To Houses" check-box).
  • Added options allowes to disply applicated or separated only aspects in tables of aspects (Chart Settings, Aspectation, Aspects).
  • Now asteroids are always calculating by Swiss Ephemeris (if possible).
  • Fixed bug of "Moon Void" calendar, arised when the ingression is first moon's event.


30 January 2012. ZET 9, release 153

  • Fixed bug (accuracy is raised) of calculation of "Moon in Nakshatras" table.
  • Fixed defect of display of natal stars in the table of coordinates of a dual chart.
  • Full-screen mode is restores at ZET restart.
  • The "Primary Direction" window is stretched on-vertical.
  • Rules of a rounding off of the data of a zodiac longitude are established at a conclusion by a principle: zodiac sign shouldn't change. For example, some values of a longitude in various formats will look as:
    29d59'59.95" Psc 29d59'59.45" Psc
    29 Psc 60 29 Psc 60
    29d59'60" Psc 29d59'59" Psc
    360.000d  360.000d 
    359d60'  359d60' 
    30d Psc 30d Psc
    30.0000d Psc 29.9998 Psc
  • Fixed bug of the expanded forecast for the period (a window "Interpretation"): any date started of the period was not established.
  • Some other elaborations.


15 January 2012. ZET 9, release 152

  • Fixed bug: was not presents Earths glyph except Sun glyph in case of heliocentric system in Aspects Diagram, Graphic Ephemeris and Tabular Ephemeris (under Tools button).
  • Elaborated "Graphical ephemeris - Declination" function: added displaying of Zodiac belt for recognise a planet out of +-23:26 by declination. This one for "Tabular ephemeris" function: appropriate data marked by * (asterisk) symbol.
  • Added possibility to manually set of corner aspect table cells height:
    - open the [ZET]\LANGUAGE\English\Files.lst file by Note to edit it (this is a text file),
    - add "atch;nn" line (or edit, if it just exists), where nn is hight of cell in pixels, if nn = 0, then height setted automatically,
    - save file, refresh table on a screen.
  • Added "Refresh chart's saving time by executing" option ("History" window, popup menu), which allowes sorting a list by time of saving (calculation).
  • The colors of lines of Prognostic Graph ('Tools' button) are same as "Favorable" and "Unfavorlable" colors of Calendar-Forecast (and can be customised by user).
  • Some other elaborations.


23 December 2011. ZET 9, release 151

  • Elaborated the "Mundane Aspects of the Moon", "Moon Void Calendar" (Tables, Astrological Tables) and "Moon Void" (Chart Settings, Wheel) functions. Now in case of topocentric system, when chang a geographical coordinates or change a month (on a tool panel of window) the calculation fillfulled automatically and also geographical coordinates of current place displays in a window's header.
  • Elaborated "Ingress of Planets" (Tables, Astrological Tables): in case of topocentric system geographical coordinates of current place displays in a window's header.
  • Fixed bug of "Search by criteria" for "MoonDay" function.
  • Fixed bug: does not setted (restored) "additional house systems" when select any configuration by "Configuration" menu.
  • Fixed bug sometime arising a program crash when calculating a "Moon in Nakshatras" table (Tables, Astrological tables).


15 December 2011. ZET 9, release 150

  • Deleted option "Use time zone of computer" ("ZET location" window).
  • Fixed bug arised with "extraterrestrial astrology" option + anticia switched on.
  • "Chart Settings" window, Aspects, Anticia: added "Always to use the Tropical Zodiac" option. When checked then location of anticia do not depends of zodiac mode (tropical, sidereal).
  • Added function of delivering of planet anticia to coordinate table ("Horoscope chart" tableau) and to "Coordinate Table Expanded" ("Tables" menu). See Chart Settings, Data, Table, Additional Data.
  • Restored "Chainese Calendar" (Tables, Almanac).
  • Elaborated "Cyclic Index" function (Misc. menu).


20 November 2011. ZET 9, release 149

  • Fixed bug, sometime leads to "braking" whan rotate a chart with dynamic of time (if "Moov Void" option switched on and chart calculated to December month) and to hang-up while searching of event using a "Moon Void" formula.
  • Fixed bug, resulting in that at awakening of computer from the sleep mode on pop-up of tools mini-panel the set of the buttons is violated.
  • Fixed bug of "Use time zone of computer" option ("ZET location" window) while setting time by "Now" and "Here and Now" by buttons (окно "Event data" window). Attantion: while this setting the "Lookup Time Zone table" option ("Event data" window, a menu of time zone value field) switches OFF.
  • Fixed bug of "Lord of Day" function (Chart Settings, Format).


14 November 2011

  • New version of Arabic GUI (Arabic Language Interface Module).


12 November 2011. ZET 9, release 148

  • Fixed bug of "Thematic almutens" function: do not considered horary's house renumbering.
  • Fixed bug of "Indirect reception" function: some time it not recognized.
  • [Pro] Added "Daily Solar" chart type: calculation for time when minutes and seconds of Sun longitude are same, degrees only changed.


29 October 2011

  • Updating of Geographical Atlas and Time Zones tables (upd111029) for versions 7, 8 (installing manually), 9 (reload ZET after updating).


27 October 2011. ZET 9, release 147

  • [Pro] Fixed bug of "Save as..." function of "Calendar of planetary hours" window.


22 October 2011. ZET 9, release 146

  • [Geo] Fixed bug of Lunar for multibot chart.
  • Changed name of anticia axis option "Cancer-Capticorn" to "Sunstice axis" Fixed bug of this option: the anticia are now independent of zodiac mode (tropical, sidereal).
  • Some minor elaborations.


20 August 2011. ZET 9, release 145

  • Fixed bug of displaying of chains of dispositors, appears for some cases. E.g. for 13.04.1852 the rulers chain now looks as follows:
    Here Saturn and Pluto located in Taurus, which ruler is Venus, so Vinus is dispositor of Saturn and Pluto (but not of Mars, there is no arrow to Mars).

    For 8.10.1771:
    Here Pluto located in Capricorn, the ruler is Saturn, so Saturn is dispositor of Pluto (but not of Neptune, there is no arrow to Neptune).


14 August 2011. ZET 9, release 144

  • Realized Chaldean variant of firdar calculation, see "Tables", "Firdar (Chaldean)".
  • Added "Allow interpretation" to popup menu of firdar's window.
  • Fixed bug of hints of chart house lines in case of additional houses (Chart Setings, Houses, Additional Settings, Additional House Systems).
  • User manual update (upd110814).


6 August 2011. ZET 9, release 143

  • Realized visualization of Campanus houses on a Sky tableau.
  • The option "Lords of Day and Year" divided to two separated: "Lord of Day" and "Lord of Year".
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


30 Jule 2011. ZET 9, release 142

  • Fixed bug of aspect table.
  • Fixed bug of Trutina Hermetis (comment messages).
  • The User guide updated with Primary Direction chapter (select "Reload frame" option in your web-browser if page is old).


24 July 2011. ZET 9, release 141

  • Fixed some bugs.


23 July 2011. ZET 9, release 139

  • Added function for one day graphical ephemeris (e.g. for house cusps), See "Graphic Ephemeris", period "3 days", mode "Transit", check on "1 day" option, activate objects you wish in "Transiting" field (for cusps you should create and activate appropriate "Arabic parts" before). See screenshot
  • Added function "Coordinate Table Expanded", allows to get a table of "Natal Chart" tableau in text format. See "Tables" menu. To view a table correctly you may select the "CourierNew" font.
  • Restored access to setup a factor of Primary direction in the chart type editor. For Primary direction you should set a factor 0.002777778 (1 degree of RA = 1 tropical year or 1 day = 360 tropical years). The key depends on the setting in Primary Directions Table menu
  • The "Primary directions":
    - displays a description of selected timing key in a status line, - realized possibility displaying of aspect circumstances on a chart for all keys except "Placidus" (mean solar arc).


17 July 2011. ZET 9, release 138

  • Elaborated functions of "Primary Directions" window:
    - the names of events (with the date) can be added in the list of aspects,
    - added "Cast aspect's chart" function (cast a chart with background date of selected aspect, see popup menu),
    - "Custom" key added,
    - visualisation of circumstances of primary direction on "Natal chart" and "Sky" screens is realised (while only for timing key of Prolemy), see screenshot 1, screenshot 2
  • Fixed bug of database leading to loss of "event" type record after its adding and sorting.
  • Fixed bug of displaying of stars with sidereal zodiac.


9 July 2011. ZET 9, release 137

  • Elaborated "Primary Directions" function:
    • Fixed some bugs.
    • Changed captions of direction's time keys:
      1) Ptolemy: 1° of right ascension with exactly 1 solar year,
      2) Naibod: 59' 08" = 1 year,
      3) Brahe: the actual distance it covered during the day of birth = 1 year. A day is defined as the time between two successive anti-culminations of the Sun (true midnight),
      4) Placidus: to find out the time at which a primary direction is perfected, we must examine how long after birth the Sun would cover an arc of right ascension corresponding to the arc of direction. This number of days (with fractions) is then converted into years.
    • Added options of accounting of secondary motions of planets (orbital movement of planets while a time of primary direction).
    • Added option of selecting of time format.
    • Added option of displaying of native's events dates in a whole list of dates of direction's aspects: click "Dates of Events" button (appears "Data Base" window), select events (similar selection for rectification), click this button again.
  • Elaboration: on "Celestial Sphere (Sky)" tableau and "Chart" tableau on "3D-House" mode the lines of mundane projections (and others) displays according current center of system: geocentric or topocentric.


30 June 2011. ZET 9, release 136

  • Elaborated interface of chart type selector.
  • Added Horizontal house system, in which the houses are formed by great circles which pass through the Zenith and Nadir points along the Horizon, beginning with the Meridian by 30° segments of horizon.
  • "Moon Void of Course" and "Actual aspects of the Moon" functions: added "Standard major aspects" option, switched on (default) means using 5 Ptolemyan aspects, independently of users setting of current aspect table. The option is independent of configuration.
  • Elaborated "Spherical houses" function for sidereal zodiac.
  • Added possibility to output of "House ruler in House" interpretation for Actual aspects diagram (if appropriate text exists).
  • Fixed bug of displying of "Moon Void of Course" in aspects diagram.


25 June 2011. ZET 9, release 135

  • Elaboration: options of delivery of daily circles and mundane positions of planets on the "Sky" screen the same, as for similar delivery on the "Natal chart" screen in a "Spherical houses" mode. See Chart settings, Planets, columns DC, MP, MP (2) of table.
  • Elaboration: at renumbering of houses (horary), at the included option "H1 - 1st house cusp", lots are calculated according to new numbers of houses.
  • Elaboration of display of houses in astrocartography in a "Globe" mode.
  • The "Aspects Diagram" window: the option "Planets in houses" is accessible now for any types of charts.
  • Delivery of stars on a 3D chart ("Spherical houses") is realized correct, taking a latitude into account.
  • Fixed bug of Primary Direction, sometimes arising in case of a finding promissor and significator in different hemispheres.


19 June 2011. ZET 9, release 134

  • Restored default setting of "todays" date when open "Aspect Diagram" ("Graphical Epheneris") window.
  • Fixed bug of displying of planet orbit elements on chart.
  • Fixed bug of displying of ephemeris table header ("Misc." menu).
  • Fixed bug of formating of primary direction table.
  • Realized displying of "Baresma" of planets (P.P.Globa school). See Charts Settings, Data, Table, Additional data.
  • Fixed bug of displying of degrees of house angles on a chart wheel for some house systems.


5 June 2011. ZET 9, release 133

  • Fixed bug of stars risings almanac function: Tables, Astrological Tables, Risings..., Stars).
  • Fixed bug of "Moon Void" function.
  • Restored "Copy Core data to Background data" button ("Event Data" window).


21 May 2011. ZET 9, release 132

  • Added "Thematic Houses" option (Chart Settings, Houses, Additional Settings), allowing to place the Ascendant to any specified object, other cusps shifts according curent house system (unlike "Custom Ascendant" option).
  • Elaborated SVS tables for case house renumeration in Horary.
  • Fixed bug of "Princioles" SVS function.
  • Fixed bug of graphical ephemeris of invers progressions and directions of Moon.


14 May 2011. ZET 9, release 131

  • [Geo] Added possibility to work with progressions and directions. These charts depends of geographical location of birth place (natal data), not of background data, therefore, search needs to be carried out under the natal (source) data. See screenshot 110513.png. In the formula participates aspects of progressive planets-rulers of progressive houses to cusps of natal houses. Not to pay attention to defects of areas rendering.
  • Addded settings of solar events orbs: "cumbust" and "under Sun beams". Are possible individual orbs for planets, and also, dependent of retrograde/direktness of planets. See Chart Settings, Systems, "Orbs of solar events" button. The cells of table are editable: double click by the mouse, input value, press Enter. The orbs are established separately for each configuration if it differ from default values.
  • Elaborated ZET starting message: in case of 12-degree lunar days (Titthi) displays the names of tithi, it's planet-ruled and Nitya.
  • [Geo] Fixed bug of ACG house lines projections.


30 April 2011. ZET 9, release 130

  • Elaborated function "Search of places of realization of event" for prodnostic charts (only transit, solar and lunar).
  • Elaborated "Cast chart for specified time" function (Tools - Aspects diagram - View diagram - the popup menu).
  • Elaborated displaying of degrees (and minutes) of planets in the Uranian chart.
  • Elaborated functions of Lunar days (tithi) and Lunar mansions (nakshatras), Added displying of position of the Moon (concerning borders of day and mansion) in percentage. Also displying of the planet-ruler of nakshatra is added.
  • Adder "Principles" by S.V.Shestopalov function.
  • Elaborated the menu of object of a chart (a planet, cusp etc.): the list of aspects in the menu divided (by lines-delimiters) on three groups: aspects of object with planets, with cusps, with stars.
  • Fixed bug: interpretation texts "Planet.Aspect.Planet" weren't distinguished with the 101... 112 coding of cusps.


17 April 2011. ZET 9, release 129

  • Added displaying of Saros series number for solar eclipses ("Eclipse" window) is realized. Function of creating of the list of solar eclipses of the chosen Saros series.
  • Added function of displaying of ecliptical longitudes lines (Geomap, Astrocartography Settings, Geodetic) is elaborated: the option "All aspects" (is priority for options "Conjunction", "Major"). All active aspects of current aspect page are used. In the popup hint of these lines the value of aspect in degrees is displayed.


9 April 2011. ZET 9, release 128

  • Fixed bug of saving file path dialog of "Save chart image" function: doubling "\" while selecting root folder of drive.
  • Fixed bug of "Planetary hours calendar" (Tables, Almanac).
  • Fixed bug of "RAMC" option (Geographical Map, Astrocartography settings, Geodetic): the geographical longitude of a place wasn't considered, initial calculation at program start wasn't carried out.
  • Alaborated "RAMC" option: output of major aspects (30 degree multiple, "Aspects" option), output for dual charts ("Background data" option).
  • Elaboration: the charts text font is used for Aspects Grid and Aspects List (appropriate Tables functions).


4 April 2011. ZET 9, release 127

  • Added option "RA MC" (Geographical Map, Astrocartography settings, Geodetic) for automatic settings of "zero meridian" value -RAMC.
  • Realized displying of acclicating/separating marcs of anticia and contr-anticia (for "Cancer-Capricorn" axes).
  • Fixed bug when double click to header of catalog of virtual planets.
  • Fixed bug, stopped of real time clock for Uranian chart mode.
  • Fixed program operation in multi-terminal configuration of computer.
  • Fixed some bugs of text interpreation module.
  • Note Pro and Geo users: the professional access password changed.


27 March 2011. ZET 9, release 126

  • Elaboration: when changed any parameter in the "Chart Type Editor" the current chart recalculated automatically when editor's window closed.
  • Fixed bug of displying of planet name in header of "Chart Settings" window when mouse moving in "Transiting Planets" (Aspecting, Anticia) field.
  • Deleted false disply of applicating\separating marker of anticia (it not recognized at all).
  • Other elaborations, associated with displying of anticia and parallels.


20 March 2011. ZET 9, release 125

  • Added optionas for calculation of Black Moon by two interpolation methods (see General Settings, General).
  • Added options "Converging Only" and "Separating Only" for parallels of declination, separatelly from same options for aspects.
  • Fixed bug (of release 124) of calculation of equatorial horizontal coordinates in topocenric system.
  • Fixed bugs of dislpaying of aspect lists.


12 March 2011. ZET 9, release 124

  • Elaborated calculation of Part's speed.
  • Realized planet declination speed calcutation and displying markers of planets parallels and contra-parallels convergenton\divergention. See Chart Settings, Data, Table, Additional data, Speed by declination.
  • Added a scroll bar to the "Aspects List" window.
  • Minor elaborations of the "Cosmos" tableau.
  • Fixed bug of "History of calculation" record date.
  • Fixed bugs, caused by "Search areas of evens realization" function.


2 March 2011. ZET 9, release 123

  • Fixed bug of Aspects Diagram and Prognostication for period.
  • Fixed bug of Parts aspects conevergence\divergence.
  • Fixed bug of Cosmos and Sky tableaus.
  • Fixed bug of star identification (aspectation in dual charts).
  • Fixed bug of I-Ching Oracle.


27 February 2011. ZET 9, release 122

  • Elaboration: for "Search areas of evens realization" function added possibility to use the Vertex in the formula. It need to activate the Vertex in options of "Search..." window.
  • Fixed bug of "Search areas of evens realization" function in case of house almutens in formula.
  • Fixed some other bugs.


23 February 2011. ZET 9, release 121

  • Elaboration: interpretation of "Actual aspects" and "Aspects of progression" (aspects with progressed planets itself) fillfulled as natal aspects.
  • Fixed bug of stars interpreation and other bugs of star data displying.
  • Fixed bug of some Arabic Parts retrograde mark displying.
  • Fixed bug of complex charts filter.
  • Fixed bug of some signs color on a chart.
  • Fixed bug of Vertex longitude displying on its axe.


19 February 2011. ZET 9, release 120

  • The format of stars coordinates in "Catalog of Stars" and "Astronomical Data" windows expanded to santisecond. For a catalog this function switched on by "Calculate with Swiss Ephemeris" catalog's menu item (it need because an exact calculation requires several seconds).
  • Updated a Swiss Ephemeris catalog of stars, file Swiss\fixstars.cat by 21.01.2011 (upd110219). [Geo] If you reassigned a path to Swiss Ephmeris, then move a "fixstars.cat" file from [ZET]\Swiss folder to new location.
  • Fixed misspelling for "Neptune Return" chart type caption.
  • Some minor elaborations and bugs fixed.


12 February 2011. ZET 9, release 119

  • [Execute before update of program] Update of Swiss Ephemeris DLL of 2 February 2011. Setup manually when ZET closed. You should extract "swedll32.dll" file from "upd110212.rar" archive and put it to main ZET 9 folder (not to Swiss subfolder) to replace existing old "swedll32.dll". See upd110212.rar
  • Elaboration: addad possibility to use several texts "House Degrees Interpretation" when displying in "Degree Overview" window.
  • Elaboration: at change of the interface language appears a confirmation dialog about saving of current settings to current configuration file.
  • Elaboration: to "About ZET" window added data of Swiss Ephemeris license and calculation module version.
  • Fixed bug of Parts colors for "septener only" mode.
  • Fixed bug of Astroformulae Constractor for "Search areas of events realization" function.


6 February 2011. ZET 9, release 118

  • [Geo] Added function "Search areas of events realization", allows to find where on the globe takes place the astrological event specified. See description.
  • Update of user's guide.


18 January 2011. ZET 9, release 117

  • Elaborated "Speach Synthesizer" function (English). To use it:
    - install some speach components: spchapi.exe and lhttseng.exe,
    - run ZET and see "Settings", "General Settings", check on "Enable Speech Synthesizer" option,
    - see "Settings", select "Speech Synthesizer" item, setup appropriate voice parameters,
    - create some interpretation (text format), invoke a popup menu of text window, select "Speak" item, and listen.
  • Some other elaborations.


14 January 2011. ZET 9, release 116

  • Elaborated prognostication functions ("Texts, Interpretation Setup" and "Tools, Aspect Diagram, All-period reading").
  • Update of time zone tables (for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan).


10 January 2011. ZET 9, release 115

  • Fixed bug of Ganeau diagram (the "Cyclic Index" function).
  • Update of time zone tables (for Bulgaria).


9 January 2011. ZET 9, release 114

  • Elaborated the "Cyclic Index" function: added some options.
  • Some other elaborations.


1 January 2011. ZET 9, release 113

  • Realized the "Cyclic Index" function: diagrams by Gouchon-Barbault and Ganeau. See "Misc." menu. (P.S.: heliocentric system, 1 month tabulation step).
  • Added function to create a chart from "Search of Event" window by mouse click in a diagram field.
  • Elaborated functionality of "Local" button of Event Data window.
  • Some other elaborations.



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