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Highly recommended before buying the ZET 9 Pro or ZET 9 Geo, to thoroughly examine all the functions of ZET 9 Lite freeware. If you are satisfied that it is compatible with your system, and decide to upgrade it to the Pro or Geo modification, you can do the following:

1. Request by email payment detailes and report your registration data.

2. Pay the registration fee.

3. After that your registration key for ZET (Pro or Geo), password of key and password of professional access will be delivered to you by e-mail.

4. Setup professional ZET Pro or Geo.


How much it costs

ZET 9 Geo
ZET 9 Pro

Price of versions and modifications upgrade

Upgrade of ZET version
to ZET 9 Pro
to ZET 9 Geo
ZET 9 Pro

Note: the price is in US Dollars. For Euro use current exchange rate.


How to pay

  • We accept IBAN-Transfer and PaySend

    Necessarily, Before you pay please request detailes by contact e-mail and report your data: full name, country, city, phone and desirable modification of ZET 9.

    Contact E-MAIL (not for pay): astrozet@gmail.com, astrozet@yahoo.com


    How to install a Registration Key

    See step-by-step instruction on installation ZET professional via Internet.

    The description of differences of Lite, Pro and Geo modifiications is provided in the user's guide ZET section "Introduction".

    How to deinstall a registration key

    To deinstall a registration key (delete a ZET registration record from your computer) do following:
    - click "Help" button in ZET of version that key you want to delete,
    - select "About...",
    - click a button with red crux in the left bottom corner of "About" window,
    - click "Yes" button.


    License Agreement

    You can install a key on your computers only.

    Your key is strongly confidential. Not allowed to hand over it to other persons.

    If you lost a key, you can order it's copy reporting your key's password or write by your registered email.

    The count of installations of a key is unlimited.

    In case of violation of this clause, your key will be announced as compromised.

    Using of compromised key may leads to failure work of ZET and impossibility to upgrade it.

    If the compromised keys installed in you computer, you must delete (deinstall) it.

    The program, as an electronic product, is non-refundable


    Home News Features
    User Guide
    & Answers