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15 March 2012

It is the catalogue of English language Interpretation Texts for ZET, submitted almost as in a window "Library" of ZET.

For new files search by date of updating in the right column (date format is Day.Month.Year). New or updated texts marked by red color. The references open in the same window. Download files, which are not present in your ZET Libruary, unzip it and move to [ZET]\Language\English\TXT\ folder.

Some interpretation texts are absent in English or copyrighted. There are samples, named "Test", so you can create own texts using Tests as templates according ZET User Guide.

If you have any own interpretation text, you can send it for uploading to this page for common use.

  • The collection of interpretation texts PaulHysen3.zip (4.07.06), Paul_Hysen_2012.zip (14.03.2012)


  • Theme and Book Name File Date

    Planet in Sign // PS
      Chiron in Sign Chiron_in_Sign.zip 26.03.03
      Planet in Sign Engl. Planet_in_Sign.zip 4.09.04
      The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel Max Heindel. Planet in Signs.zip 20.11.05
      Planet in Sign-M.Heindel Planet_in_SignM.Heindel.zip 20.11.05
    Planet in House // PH
      Chiron in House Chiron_in_House.zip 4.09.04
      Planet in House Engl. Planet_in_House.zip 4.09.04
      The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel Max Heindel. Planet in Houses.zip 20.11.05
      Planet in House-M. Heindel Planet_in_HouseM._Heindel.zip 20.11.05
    Planet in House and Sign // PHS
      Test PHS Test.txt  
    Aspects of Planet // AP
      Aspects of Chiron Chiron_Aspects.zip 26.03.03
      Aspects of Natal Planets Engl. Planet_Aspects.zip 4.09.04
      Planet Aspects-M. Heindel Planet_aspectsM.Heindel.zip 20.11.05
    Aspect Configurations // AC
      The New Astrological Encyclopedia AspConfigE.zip 4.09.04
    Sun + Ascendant // SA
      Test SA Test.txt  
    Sun in Decades // SD
      Test SD Test.txt  
    House in Sign // HS
      House in Sign Engl. HOinSI.zip 4.09.04
    Rulers of House in House // RHH
      Test RHH Test.txt  
    Fixed Stars // ST
      Important Fixed Stars Important Fixed Stars.zip 4.09.04
    Sabian Symbols // DG
      Sabian Symbols Engl. Jones. Sabian Symbols.zip 06.01.01
      Traditional Horary Degrees Interpretation Horary_Degrees2.zip 31.10.07
    Transit - Aspects to Natal Planet // TR
      Transit (Michael Erlewine, Matrix Software) Engl. Transit.zip 4.09.04
      Transits by Reinhold Ebertin. Engl. Ebertin. Transit Aspects.zip 4.09.04
    Transit via Natal House // TRH
      Test TRH Test.txt  
    Solar House in Radix House // SHH
      Test SHH Test.txt  
    Aspects of Solar Planet // SPP
      Test SPP Test.txt  
    Planet in Solar House // SPH
      Test SPH Test.txt  
    Lunar House in Radix House // LHH
      Test LHH Test.txt  
    Aspects of Lunar Planet // LPPL
      Test LPPL Test.txt  
    Aspects "Planet of Lunar - Planet of Radix" // LPPR
      Test LPPR Test.txt  
    Lunar Planet in Lunar House // LPH
      Test LPH Test.txt  
    Synastry: Planet in House // SNPH
      Test SNPH Test.txt  
    Synstry: Aspects of Planet // SNPP
      Test SNPP Test.txt  
    Moon in Zodiak Sign // MS
      Test MS Test.txt  
    Days of Moon // MD
      Lunar Phases Days_of_Moon.zip 24.04.06
      Horary Moon Days Horary_Moon_Days.zip 24.04.06
    Moon Mansions // MM
      The Magus or Celestial Intelligencer by Francis Barrett (1801) Barrett. Mansions.zip 25.11.05
      Horary Lunar Mansions Horary_Lunar_Mansions.zip 24.04.06
    Moon Houses // MH
      The description of the ancient Chaldean Houses of the Moon Houses_of_the_Moon.zip 10.01.08
    Totem of Year // TY
      Test TY Test.txt  
    Totem of Month // TM
      Test TM Test.txt  
    Totem of Day // TD
      Test TD Test.txt  
    Planetary Hours // HOUR
      Wikipedia. Planetary hours PlanetHours.zip 02.03.09
      Lunarium. Planetary hours PlanetHours2.zip 02.03.09
    Planet - overview // P
      The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel Max Heindel. Planets.zip 4.09.04
    Sign - overview // S
      The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel. Pathogenic effects of the twelve signs Max Heindel. Signs (Medicine).zip 05.12.03
      The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel. THE CHILDREN OF THE TWELVE SIGNS Max Heindel. Signs by Children.zip 05.12.03
      The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel Max Heindel. Signs.zip 4.09.04
    House - overview // H
      The Message of the Stars by Max Heindel Max Heindel. Houses.zip 05.12.03
      Natal Houses Overview Engl. Houses_Overview.zip 08.09.05
    Alfirdaries // FIR
      By Robert Hend Alfridaries.zip 4.09.04
    Equatorial Direction, Aspects of Planet // DIR
      Test DIR Test.txt  
    Progression, Aspects of Planet // PRO
      Test PRO Test.txt  
    Progressions of planets in houses of radix // PRH
      Test PRH Test.txt  
    Progressions of planets in signs // PRS
      Test PRS Test.txt  
    Degree of Houses // DGH
      Test DGH Test.txt  
    Retrograde planets - the general description // RP
      Test RP Test.txt  
    Retrograde planets in Zodiac Sign // RPS
      Test RPS Test.txt  
    Retrograde planets in houses of a horoscope // RPH
      Test RPH Test.txt  
    Planets without aspects // FER
      Natal Planets without Aspects by Paul Hysen Engl. Feralis.zip 30.07.06
    Planet in House of Relocation // PHR
      Test PHR Test.txt  
    AstroCartoGraphy // ACG
      By Donald A. Bradley ACG.zip 4.09.04
    Natal Chart (by Houses) Introduction // CH
      Natal Chart (by Houses) Introduction Intro Natal by House.zip 2.03.05
    Universal Interpretation // UNI
      Nakshatras: Moon Mansions Nakshatras.zip 22.06.07
      Elements, Qualities, Hemispheres Elements.zip 30.06.07
      Astrometeorology ZET_Astrometereology.zip 10.03.08


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