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ZET 7 downloads Launched in July 2002, latest release 23 May 2005.

To install ZET 7 Lite in your computer:


Download the ZET 7 Lite installer:

  • ZET7LITE-EN.EXE -- ZET 7 Lite installer
    release 23 May 2005, 6 477 968 bytes in size
  • upd140823.rar -- Atlas of cities and time zones tables update of 23.08.2014, 385 295 bytes
  • tzt140929.rar -- time zones tables update of 29.09.2014, 134 300 bytes

To use a language different from English, see "How to install the language module" below.


Run the downloaded files and follow the on-screen dialog. The default installation path is "C:\Program Files\ZET 7\". Installation requires 31 MB of free disk space.


The program is ready to use. Run it from the "ZET 7" shortcut on the Desktop. Do not forgot to read the User's Manual (F1 key). You can also do that without ZET running: find and open the [ZET]\LANGUAGE\English\Manual\main.html file.


If the screen resolution of your computer differs from 1024x768, you may need to adjust the default size and placement of objects on the Chart tableau.


If you wish, you can download and install additional files and utilities:

  • Additional interpretation texts
  • Additional Swiss Ephemeris files
  • ZET astronomical photo-album
  • ZET astrological art gallery
  • ZET sound files
  • Database converter
  • Time Calculator


How to install the language module for ZET 7

If you want to use an interface language different from English, download and install one (or any) of the following current ZET language modules:

Bear in mind that the language module may not be complete, e.g. the User's Manual in the national language may be absent. In these cases, when the F1 key is pressed, ZET will try to show the English version User Manual. When national language interpretation texts are absent, you can use the English texts. Selecting the Library of Interpretation Texts menu option "Import English Books" will result in the English texts being copied to the current national language folder.

To switch ZET from one interface language to another:

  • Click the "Options" button on ZET's Toolbar
  • From the menu, select the first item "General Settings"
  • In the dialog window which appears, select the "Language" tab
  • Select the language you require. e.g., for German click the third radio-button, and choose "Deutsch" from the list
  • The lower panel shows a list of configurations available for this language. Select, for example, "Deutsch"
  • The "OK" button is active - click it, and ZET will automatically reload using the German interface.



ZET AstroForecast

Our simplest program for personal astrological forecasts. To install AstroForecast:

1) Download the AstroForecast installer:

2) Run ZETAINSE.exe and select "Install" in the window which appears.

3) Installation creates a folder "C:\Program Files\ZETA", and a shortcut "Zeta" on the Desktop.

4) The program is ready to use. The trial period of the unregistered program is 30 days. If you want to use it after that, you should register it.



ZET 5.12

ZET 5.12 installer Latest relase 22 June 2001.
This is my old program, but maybe interesting for you.
Download it from www.winsite.com.


Home News ZET features ZET 9 ZET 8 Registration User Guide FAQ