Uranian Chart

The Uranian (Hamburg) School of Astrology has some specific requirements for the presentation of the horoscope chart, its objects, and methods:

  • Special fictitious planets
  • Midpoints
  • Aspects of conjunction between planets and midpoints
  • Harmonics

The required features of the Uranian Chart are implemented in the predefined Uranian configuration; to deploy it, select the "URANIAN" option from the  "General Configuration" button on the Toolbar, or the "Control" | "Configuration" main menu.

The Uranian configuration includes:

  • Eight fictitious planets,
  • Special points which are realized in ZET as Arabic Parts, namely Vernal Point, MC and Ascendant (they are on the predefined "Parts" page that ships with ZET - take care not to delete them),
  • Modes of calculating midpoints, and displaying midpoint trees,
  • Dial form of chart,
  • Use of 4th harmonic calculations (90-degree dial),

The required orbs of Uranian aspects are also predefined by the Uranian configuration in the Chart Settings - Aspects tab, i.e. Orb for midpoints data entryfield. They default to 5 degrees of arc.

The tableau settings for the Uranian chart, and a description of the operation of the Pointer control panel, are in the Chart Settings - Wheel section.