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Version 9
User Guide
Last updated: 9 August 2014
Blue color for new ZET 9 (in comparison with ZET 8) features


Astrological feature list

1) For beginners:

  • Tooltip help for every chart feature
  • Interactive astrological interpretation of objects on the chart (planets, houses, Zodiac signs, etc)
  • Extended computer-generated interpretations of natal (birth) and transit (astrological forecast) charts
  • HTML-based help system
  • Open library of interpretation texts, with a convenient system for cataloging texts, and the ability to select texts for a particular type of chart
  • Sabian symbols
  • Recall previously created charts instantly from the History log
  • Forecast up to 10 years ahead using a transit comparison with the natal chart, presented in graphical form
  • Facilities for an interactive space photo-album and mythological art gallery
  • I-Ching Oracle with multimedia facilities
  • Insonation of interpretation texts by speech synthesizer

2) For the professional astrologer:

  • Radix charts; single and dual charts (transits, synastry, various kinds of directions and progressions: solar, lunar, embolismic lunation, phase progressed, profected, ...); any scale of progression and direction (including converse); Primary Directions (with real movement of planets); Primary Directions using an oblique ascension at calculation direction angle between promissor and signifocator, are considered correct traditional method; Davison relationship chart; composite chart; coalescent chart; harmonic charts; Uranian 90 degree dial charts; Traditional Charts: some kinds of traditional (square) cards in the European medieval style and in several Indian styles.
  • Complex charts: up to 7 planet rings in one chart wheel
  • Fixed charts: any previously-calculated chart can be included in a complex chart
  • Multibot charts allowing to create several data sets in one chart (the data set is pair "initial, background"). Thus there is a possibility to place on a chart simultaneously a several natals and a several adhered to everyone natal derivative charts. In particular, it is possible, for example, to look aspects of planets of a progression of one natal to planets of another natal, aspects of a progression of several events to one natal, etc. [more]
  • Option of topocentric, geocentric, heliocentric, horizontal and other systems of coordinates; several kinds of sidereal ajanamsa
  • Right (3-dimension) displaying of Placidus house cusps at natal chart, at celestial sphere, at geographical map (ACG)
  • Interactive adjustment of chart properties (colors, dimensions, objects displayed, etc); control of various operating parameters
  • Astrological tables: Lunar days (and Moon Rises and Sets, New moons, Full moons), Sunrises and Sunsets, Planetary Hours, Ingresses of the Moon and planets, perigee and apogee of the Moon
  • Parallels, contraparallels, antiscia, and contrantiscia
  • Interactive dynamics of time. Examine, for example, change of birth time resulting from the synchronous change of a progression chart
  • Acceptance of centi-seconds of time and geographical coordinates
  • Horary Wizard, allowing to automate some stages of construction and the analysis horary charts: a choice of significators and derivative houses, definition of conditions of realisation of aspects etc.
  • 'Pick and turn' technology for interactive chart adjustment using the chart wheel's planet glyphs, with immediate recalculation of planet positions and aspects
  • Parameters of planetary orbits and elements of rotation displayable on the chart
  • Utilize asteroids, stars, nebulae, eclipses
  • Support for hypothetical planets of the Uranian school and others; it's even possible to define your own planets
  • Arabic parts (Pars), user-definable
  • 27 systems of houses Krusinski house system
  • Interactive dynamics of geographical location. Examine, for example, places for relocation
  • Graphic diagrams of planet movement and aspects formed: select radix, transit, progression, or directions for any period of time from 3 days to 120 years, using any subset of planets and houses, in harmonics of 360, 90, 60, 45, 30 degrees
  • Run second ZET instance with a chart, selected from Data Base or History log
  • Database facilities with embedded photos
  • High-quality output to laser and inkjet printers using TrueType fonts
  • and more features are added regularly

Astronomical functions

  • Complete calculation of the orbits of planets; full astronomical data on all the planets
  • Accuracy of calculation to 1 arc-second
  • Calculates the exact positions of major asteroids between 1500 to 2150. Includes data for 11000+ other known and designated asteroids, with exact calculation between 1998-2002, and the option of exact calculation for any date using additional ephemeris files obtainable over the Internet. Possibility to calculate and display at the same time all known asteroids and comets (more then 300000)
  • Includes 9100 stars (Yale Bright Star Catalog), and 200000 with the optional Hipparcos Catalog
  • . Adjusts for precession and stellar proper motions
  • 3D Space tableau showing the solar system, planets' satellites, asteroids, orbits, and background stars; zoomable, with animation and the option of an astronomical photo-gallery
  • 3D Celestial Sphere planetarium, showing stars, planets, astrological relationships, and horizontal, equatorial, ecliptical systems of coordinates; zoomable, with animation, and interactive information
  • Calculation of periods of Algol fixed star brightness minima (operation displying and calendar)


  • Zoomable interactive World map, with city names, boundaries, and location marking; option of using a detailed topographic map (ZET Geo)
  • Map on the Earh globe
  • Atlases of 14000 cities (World Atlas) and 200000 cities (World Atlas II, e.g. 4255 for United Kingdom): coordinates can be edited, and new places added. Additional special Big Atlases available e.g. Atlas for Russia contains approx. 200000 names
  • Names of cities, counties (regions) and countries on the map
  • Planets on the zenith projected on the map
  • Various projections of the grid of astrological houses on the geographical map
  • Projection of aspects between planets and angular cusps, showing lines on the Earth where these are salient
  • Combination of InMundo and Angular projections
  • Prime Vertical and Vertex-AntiVertex axes projections
  • Geodetic projection of a celestial object (star, planet, asteroid) onto the geographical map (with some projective systems)
  • Lines of ecliptical and equatorial longitude from the symbolic projection of a celestial object on the Earth
  • Local Space projection - lines of geographical azimuthal direction to planets
  • Symbolic projection of cities to the zodiac
  • Select any subset of planets for projection
  • Parans - ACG line crossings
  • List of Parans for the latitude of a choosen city, within a selected orb. The list can include stars
  • Use Astro*carto*graphy not just on single charts (natal, radix), but with any dual chart

And there is a lot of other things.

Versions of ZET 9

ZET 9 is available in three versions with different functionality, and naturally, cost:

  • Lite - personal 'freeware' version for casting individual horoscopes, compatibility horoscopes and creating a 3 day astrological forecast; print facilities disabled; all astronomical features are available,
  • Pro - the base Professional edition adds:
    1. Support for 20 predefined types of dual charts (progressed, directed, planet return, etc) and the facility for user-defined dual charts
    2. Primary Directions (with obliquity accention)
    3. Horary Wizard
    4. Moon void of course recognation
    5. Rectification of birth time functions
    6. Print-out and copying of the interpretation
    7. Uranian charts
    8. Interpretation in HTML Web document format, with integrated graphics
    9. Automatic saving of interpretation documents as files with unique names
    10. Graphical Aspects Diagram (progressions, directions, mundane) and ephemerides
    11. Sidereal and Draconic Zodiacs
    12. Horizontal and Equatorial coordinate systems
    13. World Atlas II with 200000 cities with time changes tables
    14. Geographical Atlas Editor
    15. Possibility to use up to 99 objects (planets, Arabic parts, asteroids, virtual objects)
  • Geo - the complete Professional edition, with additional features:
    1. Complex charts and Fixed charts
    2. Composite and coalescent charts
    3. Multibot charts
    4. Configuration Manager
    5. Hotkeys Manager
    6. Possibility to specify the time and location with 0.01 sec accuracy
    7. Solar and Lunar eclipses for any period, displayable on Chart, Map and Sky tableaux
    8. Astro*carto*graphy and cyclo*carto*graphy
    9. Geographical map with precision coastlines (one arc-second or 30 meters/pixel accuracy), rivers, and administrative boundaries
    10. Topographical relief map (1 kilometer/pixel resolution)
    11. Google Maps
    12. Big Atlases of the coordinates of settlements and geographical features for individual countries
    13. Password protected access

    Terms of purchase of ZET 9 Pro and Geo can be found on the ZET Web site at www.zaytsev.com.

    Minimum system requirements

    • OS Windows XP/Vista/7
    • 512 MB RAM
    • Screen resolution 800x600, High Color (16-bit)
    • 37 MB of free disk space (ZET Lite)