C*C*G is not available in the Lite or Pro versions of ZET.

Cyclo*Carto*Graphy, essentially, is the examination of progressed and transiting planets in the context of an astrocartographic map, and is an important extension of the theory.

There are 40 C*C*G lines, resulting from consideration of:

Progressed Sun
Progressed Moon
Progressed Mercury
Progressed Venus
Progressed Mars
Transiting Jupiter
Transiting Saturn
Transiting Uranus
Transiting Neptune
Transiting Pluto

These progressed and transiting lines are calculated in right ascension, and then inserted on the world map (similar to A*C*G lines), and related to the natal chart.

When the C*C*G lines are placed on top of the A*C*G lines, the result will be 80 lines on the map. Obviously, the A*C*G and C*C*G lines should be of different colour, e.g. black A*C*G lines and red C*C*G lines.

There are many different techniques for finding the temporal influences taking place with Cyclo*Carto*Graphy ...

Enabling C*C*G

To enable C*C*G charting, the following settings and operations are required:

  1. Click the  "Chart Types" Toolbar button to display the Chart Type Selector window.
  2. Select "Complex".
  3. Checkmark the "Transit" and "Secondary Progressed" component types:

    NOTE: progressed houses are commonly derived from the distance the Sun travels. To effect this setting for the Secondary Progressed chart type:
    - click the  "Open the Dual Chart Editor" button in the Chart Type Selector window,
    - select the Secondary Progressed chart line in the Dual Chart Editor, and click the "Edit" button,
    - in the Progressions/Directions Editor window, click the "Configuration" button,
    - select the "Solar Arc from MC" option,
    - click "OK" 3 times to close all windows.

  4. Open Chart Settings - Miscellanea tab, and set up the planet filter as follows:
    - check ON the "Complex Chart Planet Filter" flag,
    - for ring #2 (transit) disable Sun thru Mars (-) and enable Jupiter thru Pluto (|),
    - for ring #3 (progression) enable Sun thru Mars (|) and disable Jupiter thru Pluto (-):

  5. Open the Chart Settings - Zodiac tab and
    - check ON the "Horizon of inner chart" option.

  6. Open the A*C*G Settings window and set the options on the Planets tab as shown here:

Testing your settings

To test that the C*C*G settings have been set up correctly, erect a chart using the core and background data shown in the titlebar of the window in the screenshot below, and compare it with:

For ease of input of this data to the Event Data window, you can copy the following 2 lines sequentially:

CCG;22.03.1955 ; 3:00:00;+00:00:00;;52°38'00"N; 1°05'00"W;;;
;17.02.2006 ;14:53:31;+01:00:00;;48°08'00"N; 11°34'00"E;;;

and paste them into the Core and Background Data forms of the Event Data window by selecting the relevant form and clicking the  Paste button.