The links of house elements

The element of house by S.V.Shestopalov named the planets, located in this house, and rulers of this house.

The rulers of signs by S.V.S. executes as follows:

Sign First ruler Second ruler
Aries Pluto D R Mars R
Taurus Venus D R
Gemini Mercury D R
Cancer Moon
Leo Sun
Virgo Merqury D R
Libra Venus D R
Scorpio Mars D R Pluto R
Sagittarius Jupiter D R Neptune R
Capricorn Saturn D R Uranus R
Aquarius Uranus D R Saturn R
Pisces Neptune D R Jupiter R

The house may have several rulers.

The ruler of sign on the house cusp is a house ruler.

The rulers of 2nd and 3rd signs in house accepted with following:
- 2nd sign gives a ruler, if it's lenght in this house >= 13.5 degrees, or greater, then 1st sign,
- 3rd siign gives a ruled, if it's lenght in this house >= 13.5 degrees.

Lilith (Black Moon), except a house, where it located, always is an element of 8th house.

The couple of houses is linked, if any planet - the element of one house is in aspect with any planet - the element of other house, or if a planet - the element of one house at the same tome is the element of other house.

The link considers as congruous (harmonic, positive), if the aspect is sextille or trine, and negative (disharmonic), if the aspect is square or opposition.

The conjunction considered as negative, if one of it's plenets is the element of 6th, 8th or 12th house. In other case the conjunction is positive. Same refers to the links of planets by house location and rulership.

When a planet have a dual rulership of house, then while accounting of of count of links, this rulership considers only ones. E.g. if a house contain Capricorn and Aquarius signs, and Saturn is retrograde and rules of Capricorn and Aquarius, then second link is not considered. Bif if Satun located in this house, then it considers twice.

The count of links of couple of houses - is an oveeral count of links of the elements constituent of these houses.

The count oof house links displyed in "House Elements Links" table, invokes from "Tables" menu. This table have a popup menu, and using it you may invoke additional tables:
- a list of aspects with signs for each planet in which house it located and what houses it rules,
- a "Houses, Planets, Rulers" window with a list of houses, planets in houses and rulers of houses, and a list of planets, houses, in which these planets located or is the rules.

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In the cells of "House Element Links" table writed separatelly the sums of harmonic (+) disharmonic (-) links of appropriate couple of houses. If the overal sum is positive, then cells background color id red, if negative, then blue.

You may select a cell (by mouse click, double click or from popup menu), with this in other tables will selects the houses of this couple.

On a screenshot above selected a couple of houses 2-7, which have 3 harmonic links and 1 disharmonic. Considered planets are selected in aspects, and also Jupiter D2-A7 and Moon A2-D7.