Prognistic Graph

For the Lite version of ZET is available only 3 days transit diagram.

The Prognostic Graph displays summary influence of astrological factors to a native during some period of time.

The green graphic's curve displays the harmonious influence, the red one - the tense. The vertical graphic's scale is relative value of influence.

The graph calculation method is to summarize the strength of aspects between moving (transiting, directed, progressed) planets and natal planets and cusps.

The formula for calculation of aspect's strength is:
- if the aspect is conjunction and aspecting (moving) planet is Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, then aspect's strength equal to it's factor (see Orb Tables rightmost column) with minus sign,
- in other case the aspect's strength equal to it's factor.

To get the Prognostic Graph:

  1. Cast the natal chart.
  2. For more detailed diagram include all major and minor aspects (see Chart Settings, Aspects).
  3. Invoke the window of graphic's settings ("Misc." button, "Prognostic Graph" menu item):

  4. Setup:
    - desired period of calculation e.g. 10 years,
    - the begin of period e.g. 1999 year,
    - the mode of prognostic method e.g. "Primary Direction",
    - the set of directed planets, natal planets and natal cusps, taking part in aspectation,
    - input the name of file, in which will saved the result of calculation e.g. "Putin PD 1999-10".
  5. Click "Create" button.

The purpose of other controls of this window described in Aspect Diagram, here used same, a little modified window. The result of calculation possible to view both as Prognostic Graph and as Aspect Diagram, the file format is same.