What is "planet in house" at astronomical viewpoint

Lets consider following chart:

You see the Moon located about on 2nd house cusp. But the "Celestial Sphere" tableau indicates the Moon located exactly on a horizon, rising:

The sphere rendered on horizontal system, "external" view. There are points and axes:
- Z - zenith,
- P - axis mundi (north pole of equator),
- E - east point,
- N - point of north.
There are following rings:
- horizon (E-N),
- equator (crosses a horizon at E poiunt),
- ecliptic (crosses a horizon at Asc point),
- prime vertical (Z-E),
- meridian (Z-P-N).

Here you can really see a collision of "Ascendant" definition:
1. The point of crossing of ecliptic and horizon, rising degree of ecliptic.
2. The cusp of 1st house, considered as boundary of celestial sphere sectors. Usually, this is a horizon.

Consider the Placidus house system, which house cusps will looks on a celestial sphere as follows:

The line of 1st and 7th house cusps (Asc and Dsc), i.e. horizon, rendered with pink color. The cusps of 10th and 4th (MC and IC), by dark-blue. Other houses - light-blue.

The rings of geographical latitude are rendered by dotted lines. If declination of any celestial body is greater, then geographical latitude, then it's Placidean house location do not recognized (or special definds by any manner).


So, when considered a "planet in house", "ingress of planet in house" and same concepts, then should take into account an appropriate conditions of a celestial sphere. This not been until now becouse of absence of appropriate computer programs supported this function.

Other problem: how to adequatelly render the house cusps on usual flat astrological chart. One variant may be following:

The concept of projection here is: the distance between inner and outer rings corresponds to Zodiac belt, with width corresponds of geographical latitude of current place. So, the selestial object rendered on this chart accapting both laongitude and latitude.

The thin light-blue ring on a center - this is ecliptic, the middle dotted ring - equator, inner and outer dotted rings - are rings of geographical latitude.

Here is clear view that Moon is located on a horizon.

A.Z. 25.02.2008