Localizing ZET

ZET ships localized for Russian and English speakers. Localizing ZET for other users requires add-on language modules, in which the user interface (UI) texts have been translated into the target language.

The process of localization is as follows:

1) Creation the new language module, e.g. French:
-- create a French sub-folder in the LANGUAGE folder,
-- copy files to the French folder from the English folder,
-- copy the Config folder and its files from the English folder to the French folder,
-- rename the files ENGLISH.dfl and ENGLISH.ini as FRENCH.dfl and FRENCH.ini,

2) The French language module is ready, but not translated. Translate files are located in the target language folder (French). The set of files should include the following:

  • Affetic.txt - description of Dignities and Debilities of planets by W.Lilly
  • AffeticPF.txt - same of Part of Fortune
  • AspConfig.txt - description of aspect configurations
  • *Days.txt - names of days of week (i.e. Sunday, Monday, ...)
  • *DaysAb.txt - ditto, abbreviated (i.e. Sun, Mon, ...)
  • *DaysOf.txt - ditto, possessive case (i.e. Sunday's, Monday's, ...)
  • Font.txt - symbol names for the astrological glyphs (optional - may not exist)
  • GreekAlphabet.txt - names of letters of the Greek alphabet. The fixed width line format is:
    Letter Abbreviation Target-language-name Latin-name
  • *Interface.txt - button captions, menu items, etc
  • LibrType.txt - names of themes of the library interpretation texts
  • *Messages.txt - information messages
  • *Messages2.txt - other information messages
  • MMansions.txt - names of the Moon's Mansions
  • *MonthOf.txt - names of months in possessive case
  • *Months.txt - names of months
  • MoonDaySymbols.txt - symbol texts for Days of the Moon
  • Oracle.txt - text of the I-Ching Oracle
  • Period.lst - list of time periods, used by the Dual Chart Editor and the Dynamics of Time windows
  • *Planets.txt - names of planets
  • Querent.txt - for Horary Wizard
  • Quesited.txt - same
  • Satellites.txt - names of planets and their satellites (for the Cosmos tableau)
  • signature.txt - users can write their own signatures, which will appear under interpretation documents
  • UserPro.lst - the list of types of dual chart. Names of time periods should be same as in Period.lst
  • Virtuals.lst - list of virtual and other objects
  • *Zodiac.txt - names of signs of the Zodiac.

You can begin with the most important files marked *

When translating take into account the format of the text, and avoid disturbing it. You need not, of course, translate the entire file in one go, only as much as you need to check how your localization works.

3) Expanded localization

The target language folder may contain some other files, which by default are located in the ZET installation folder. These files contain both English and Russian portions of text. Normally, if the chosen language differs from English or Russian, the English parts of these files are used.

If you wish to use them for another language, then copies of these files should be made in the target language folder, with translations of the Russian parts.

These special files are:

  • AsterFont.dat - list of asteroids names (the list contains only asteroids with Russian names or special glyphs)
  • CodReg.ctm - list of Russian regions (this file is automatically transliterated into English)
  • Constellations.txt - names of constellations. The fixed width line format is:
    Code; constallation name in possessive case; constallation name
  • Country.atl - list of country names
  • Deepobj.txt - list of galaxies and nebulae
  • degrees.txt - descriptions of degrees of Zodiac
  • Province.dat - list of country region names
  • Stars.lst - list of fixed stars names. The semicolumn delimiter line format is:
    Number; Russian name; English name
    Replace (translate) only Russian names

The Geographical Atlas is a special case. The default Atlas contains both Russian and English names of cities. Normally, if the choosen language differs from English or Russian, the English part of the Atlas is used.

Only one Atlas can exist in ZET: either Russian + English, or 'target language' + English. It's possible to translate the Russian part of the Atlas - see the Atlas Editor topic.

To indicate that the Atlas has been translated, an empty file Atlas.dat should be put into the target language folder.

4) User Guide and Interpretation Texts

If the Manual folder is empty, ZET will display the English Manual when help is requested.

You can prepare astrological interpretation texts in the target language, having taken them from accessible sources or translated available ones. Place them in the Txt folder. Users can import interpretation texts form the English\Txt folder to the target language folder, so ensure that file names of translated texts differ from the English files.

5) To reset ZET to the new language interface:

  • Run ZET
  • Click the "Settings" Toolbar button
  • Open the General Settings window
  • Select the Language tab
  • Select the target Language (i.e. French) from the drop-down list
  • Apply it by clicking the radiobutton
  • Choose the 'FRENCH' configuration from the list below
  • Click the 'OK' button
  • This restarts ZET with the interface language you have selected.