Eclipses are not available in the Lite or Pro versions of ZET.

The Eclipses finder window is opened by clicking the  "Tools" Toolbar button or selecting "Tools" from the main menu, and then selecting the "Eclipses..." menu item:

It is first necessary to find eclipses occurring over a period of time, i.e. to create a list of eclipses. This list is automatically saved, and when the window is next opened, the list is redisplayed.

To find eclipses: specify the range of dates to be searched in the From and To entryfields, select the type of eclipse (Solar or Lunar), and click the Search button. The progress bar shows the status of the search. The search can be terminated by clicking the Stop button.

The list of eclipses is displayed in the right pane of window. Click an eclipse in the list to display its details in the left pane.

The "Map", "Sky" and "Chart" buttons allow the selected eclipse to be viewed in different ZET tableaux:

  • Map - displays the Geographical Map tableau with the line of eclipse shown. The shadow spot of a total eclipse of the Sun is also shown. The map is mouse-sensitive, and if the pointer is placed on the eclipse line, the Status bar displays the magnitude of the eclipse (percentage of the Sun's disk obscured by the Moon) at that location. A popup tooltip displays the kind of eclipse, and the time it begins in the locality. The Eclipses window may be minimized if it is open when the Map tableau is entered,

  • Sky - displays the Sky tableau showing the Sun or Moon at the eclipse maximum phase. The location of the observer for solar eclipses is at the epicenter of the eclipse,

  • Chart - displays the Chart tableau with the chart erected for the time of the eclipse maximum (pre-existing location data is not changed).