Composite Chart

Composite charts are not available in the Lite or Pro versions of ZET.

The composite chart (also known as the 'Hand composite' and 'composite midpoint' chart) is one of a number of techniques for assessing the compatibility of people, and the characteristics of a group dynamic. The technical details of this chart type are as follows:

1) The longitude of a planet is calculated as the average of the longitudes of the same planet in the nativities of the members of the group; or as a midpoint by short arc between the same planets in the case of two individuals.
2) The composite MC is derived as the average of all the midheaven degrees.
3) The other cusps are calculated after according the MC a place where the group or couple is actually or nominally located, supposing they have a place in common.

Composite charts can be created only as a fixed chart type.

To erect a composite chart:

  1. Open the Database window,
  2. In the left pane, select the page that contains the natal data for the members of the group,
  3. In the right pane, right-click the mouse on an individual line to display the database popup menu, and select the "Mark for combined Chart" item. Alternatively, make a right-click on the gray cell at the left of the line of data. (If you mark a line in error, right-click again on the cell to unmark it),
  4. Repeat the previous step to mark all the nativities of the group in the same way,
  5. Right-click in the database table for the database popup menu for the final time, and select "Cast Composite Chart".

Interpretation of composite chart:

  • Open a Libruary of Interpretation Texts.
  • Create new Bookshelf with e.g "Composite" name.
  • Appoint it by Executive and Operational.
  • Create interpretation texts with PCI markup mode (see "Marking-up of Prognostic Charts Interpretation") with themes:
    - Planets of composite in Houses of composite (file name: "PCI T.P'H' .....txt")
    - Planets of composite in Zodiac Signs (PCI T.P'S .....txt)
    - Houses of composite in Zodiac Signs (PCI T.H'S .....txt)
    here "...." is any name.
  • Acitvate these texts in "Composite" bookshelf, deativate others.
  • Praee "Text" button ("Interpretation Setup") on ZET toolbar.
  • Check on "Interpret as" option and select "Transit".
  • Click "Execute" button.