Chart Settings - Rulers

The Chart Settings window consists of several thematic tabs of options for calculating and displaying horoscope charts. The Rulers tab has options for user-defined rulers of signs, and allows alternative sets to be utilized.

The Chart Settings - Rulers tab is opened by first:

  • selecting "Settings" | "Chart Settings" from the main menu, or
  • clicking the  "Options" Toolbar button and selecting "Chart Settings..." from the menu, or
  • right-clicking in the Chart tableau and selecting "Chart Settings..." from the popup menu, or
  • double-clicking in an empty region of the Chart tableau.

Then by clicking the  "Rulers" button at the top of the window, or typing the 'R' key.

On this tab you can select - for each planet - the sign(s) of the Zodiac in which the planet has the following astrological attributes: Ruler (i.e. 'own Sign'), Detriment, Exaltation, and Fall. The different schools of astrology use various systems for the status of planets within Signs.

To set (or unset) a ruler, etc double-click with the mouse on a Sign glyph. Alternatively position the mouse pointer over a glyph, right-click to display the popup menu (shown above), and select "Ruler".

When a rulership, etc has been set, its status can then be adjusted using the popup menu as follows:

  • Ruler - sets (and unsets) the rulership, etc attribute. Unselected items are displayed in gray on a white background,
  • Main ruler - sets the planet as the main ruler, etc. The main ruler, etc is displayed in black on a pale blue background,
  • Secondary ruler - sets the planet as a secondary ruler for the sign. Secondary rulers, etc are displayed in black on a white background.

Rulership sets can saved and retrieved using the "Save Rulers..." and "Open Rulers..." menu options, which display a File selector dialog for .rul rulers files.

The display of sign rulers, etc on the Chart tableau (planets list) is controlled with the Symbols checkbox on the Data tab (Affetic panel).

The main rulers are used to determine the Chain of Disposition and Chain of Detriment (see Format tab).