The Calendar-Forecast portrays graphically the transit situation for a calendar year or month. The graphic is constructed for a native whose chart is currently on the tableau.

To create a Calendar-Forecast:

  1. Create a chart for the native,
  2. Click the  "Tools" Toolbar button or select "Tools" from the main menu, then select the  "Calendar-Forecast" menu option,
  3. In the Calendar-Forecast window set the period of the forecast - year or month (ignore the item not relevant) using the entryfield or the drop-down list of months. You may also set the time zone (by default this is copied automatically from the Event Data for the nativity),
  4. Click either the  "Create for Year" or the  "Create for Month" button to generate the graphic; a confirmation dialog with the nativity data will appear,
  5. Click "Yes", and after a few seconds the Calendar-Forecast is displayed.

The calendar's columns represent months (in the annual forecast), or days (in the monthly forecast). From top to bottom there are 12 horizontal bands, each strip representing a theme or area of life (astrological house). The bands consist of zones of different color: red - harmonious (favorable) astrological influence of planets, black - aggressive (unfavorable), yellow - neutral or polysemantic. The height of a zone indicates the relative strength of the influence.

Click and drag the mouse over the graphic to display a hairline cursor. The window title bar displays the day (or hour) at the cursor position.

The astrological houses or themes of life are as follows:

1 I person, own will, relation to life, reaction to an environment
2 Mine money, material means, earnings, expenditure, energy
3 Word thinking, dialog, processing and transfer of information, study, local trips
4 House house, environment, external and internal conditions, parents
5 Child conscious self-expression, children, creativity, games, love
6 Work health, body care, diet, clothes, work, routine work and service
7 They relations with other people, partners (including conjugal)
8 Their public finance, joint money, insurance, taxes, parapsychology
9 Far philosophy, religion, higher education, distant trips, foreigners
10 Goal public status, professional reputation, career, ambition
11 Friend collective self-expression, friends, hopes, prospects
12 Prison unconscious emotional reactions, leaving a reality, solitude

 "Copy (Ctrl+C)" button - copies the calendar graphic to the Windows Clipboard, for pasting into a graphic editor program.

 "Save (Ctrl+S)" button - saves the calendar graphic to the file [ZET]\Wrk\calendar.gif.

"Set Colors" button - displays a menu from which you can set the colors of the different zones.