Art Gallery

Any astrological object can be featured in an art gallery of mythological images. ZET can display pictures of the object if JPG format files are available in in the [ZET]\Pictures folder.

For example, if there are files Libra.jpg, Aphrodite.jpg, Leda.jpg, the pictures can be invoked as follows:

  • Chart tableau: select "View" from the popup menu displayed by right-clicking the Libra glyph or the Venus glyph on the chart wheel,
  • Constellations window: select "View" from the pop-up menu displayed by clicking the "Libra" item in the list of constellations,
  • Catalog of Asteroids window: select "View" from the pop-up menu for the line "Leda" in the table.

ZET looks first for a file corresponding to the name of the requested object. If one is not found, ZET then looks in the dictionary file Pictures.txt in the ZET folder. The format of this plain text file is as this example shows:

Planet4; Aphrodite
Planet13; Ashtaroth
Planet14; Selena
Proserpine; Persephone
Leda; Leda and the Swan
Cygnus; Leda and the Swan
Cetus; Andromeda

At left is the name of the object, followed by a ; (semicolon), followed by the name of a file. "Planet4" is Venus (irrespective of the interface language). Leda is an asteroid, the Swan a constellation (Cygnus). The Andromeda picture also contains an image of the Whale (constellation Cetus).

Some versions of ZET do not include files for the picture gallery. You can of course install pictures yourself.