Check with Astroformula

The current horoscope on the Chart tableau can be tested to see if it meets one or more astrological conditions. The conditions are specified in a notation, allowing complex conditions to be tested for.

The Check with Astroformula window is opened by:

  • clicking the   "Check formula" button in the Search for Event or Look for a Chart windows,
  • selecting "Tools" | "Check Astroformula..." from the main menu,
  • clicking the  "Tools" Toolbar button and selecting the "Check Astroformula..." menu item.

The Search for... pane of the window is where you input the criteria against which the chart is to be checked.

How to formulate the search criteria is described in detail in Astrological formula description language. As an example, in the above screen-shot it is required to test if the chart has the Moon is in the 12th house and not in either Scorpio or Capricorn, and that it in 'good' aspect (30, 60, 120, 150 degrees) with a main planet or it is conjoined with Venus or with Jupiter.

Formulae can be saved and retrieved using the buttons at the bottom of the panel. Click the button and select a file of type .crt to see what formulae are available.

After inputting a formula (or after inputting each part, if a complex set of criteria is involved), you can check its correctness by clicking the "Check formula" button. If the expression is in order (syntactically valid), the message "OK" is displayed. If there is a syntax error, a diagnostic message is displayed with an indication of the place in the text in where the error occurred.

To save a formula, click the button for a File Save dialog.

To test the current chart using the formula, click the Execute button. If the message "Yes" is displayed, then the specified event occurs in the chart.

NOTE: The astroformula checking facility establishes only that a particular formula has been composed correctly. It does not guarantee that the formula describes an event which can occur, or that a search conducted with it will find the event.

When check a complex formula, may be helpful to know, what value have each expression in a formula, but not only common result. To do that click "Trace" button (bottom left). E.g. the following text appears:

@00 = LUN.GOOD.PLN|LUN.0.VEN,JUP = No  - expression in brackets

----------                             - begin of main formula

LUN.H12 = No                           - the Moon is not in 12th house

^LUN.SCO,CAP = Yes                     - the Moon is not in Scorpio or Capricorn

@00 = No                               - value of brackets expression is "No"